Vision, Mission & Culture

Vision, Mission & Culture

Our Vision

We are the customer driven fresh food service company to go to. We are helping thousands of people meet their needs in quality, safety, health and nutrition whilst helping the Yorkshire economy.

Our Mission

We do this by working with our customers and suppliers to create trust whilst creating a sustainable link from field to kitchen. We understand our customer’s and supplier’s needs and work tirelessly to reward both in service, ethics and price. In return for this, our business is profitable and allows us to reward our team, gain personal goals and dreams. Service Through Care.

Our Culture


We as a company and individuals commit to give 100% until we succeed. We are committed to our Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Stuarts Foods, its current and future team, customers and suppliers at all times. We commit to give our customers the quality they require at all times; whether this is in service, relations or product.


We are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes both individually and as a team. We are all accountable for our results in our work life and home life and know that for results to change, first we must change.


We pay all our financial commitments in a timely manner and our customers reward us similarly.


We are dedicated and ambitious, and strive for excellence as individuals and as an overall team. We strive to give excellent quality product and service at all times and will go that extra mile to make sure that our excellence is upheld.


We are open and honest with ourselves and in all our communications.


We as individuals and as a team focus our thoughts, energy and attention on a successful outcome of whatever we are doing. We care about our customers and suppliers. We are all willing to win and allow others to win. For others to win means that we win; we have inner pride and confidence in Win/Win situations.


We are committed to learning and growing as individuals and as a team every day. We learn from our mistakes.

8.Team Work

We listen to and value the views of all our colleagues, and are open to and welcome challenge. We care about their feelings, their work and in return they care about ours.


We have a balanced approach to life and remember that social, physical and family aspects of our lives are just as important as the financial and career aspects.

10.Fun & Happiness

We create an atmosphere of fun and happiness all around us. We do not think negatively and look to enjoy our journey through life, meeting challenges head on with a smile.


We prioritise and set ourselves meaningful goals every day and work to achieve them to make the best use of our time. We use the systems in place as a guide to help achieve these goals. If a challenge arises we use the system for a correction before people correction. We make suggestions for system improvements at our first opportunity.


We are consistent in all our actions individually and as team so that our customers, suppliers and team-mates feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times.


We are truly grateful people. We say thank you and show appreciation to everyone around us. We celebrate the wins of customers, suppliers, team-mates & family; constantly praising when we see people doing the right thing.


We are abundant people, we are easily able to both give and receive. We allow abundance in our lives by respecting our self worth and that of others. We are rewarded to the level that we create for others and we accept that abundance only shows up in our lives to the level that we show up.

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