Cold, Cold Snow to Hot, Hot Sun!

We hope you are all enjoying this beautiful unusually long period of sunny dry weather?

We wanted to give you a little update on the growing/produce/price side of things as we have had a few updates and warnings over the last few days from our suppliers.

This lovely warm weather is causing a few issues for the farmers and growers, unfortunately believe it or not it has been too dry for too long and the crops are starting to suffer (you may have noticed grass not looking its normal healthy green and is now slightly more hay like). Normally the British season would be in full swing by this time of year but unfortunately due to the Beast from the East at the end of February the crops have been delayed by 3- 4 weeks which is bad timing with this heat wave. The combination on the late cold weather earlier in the year and the unusually long dry spell now means that the season is starting late and the ground is too dry to sustain the crops. Due to this the produce is not coming through or is not of great quality which in turn means prices are set to rise as demand goes up and supply/quality is down. Produce affected are items like salad items, carrots and brassicas.

On the other side the weather has been great for British berries and there is an abundance of fresh fruit in the fields; unfortunately there is not enough workers to pick the crops and therefore the crops are wasting and again as demand goes up and shortfall in supply means the price are set to be higher.

So we say go out, enjoy the lovely weather (and remember the sun cream), but maybe forward think about possible alternatives and if your stuck give us a call and we will help offer some ideas for your menus.


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