Sam’s Journey to a Healthier and Happier 2018 Part 2 – Week 3 & 4.

Wow where is the time going I can’t believe I am writing my next blog already and I am now half way through my programme. I have included in a couple of recipes this time as I had a few people ask me about them last time, I highly recommend the Joe Wicks books for quick, healthy and tasty meals, I find they have a good range of meals and snacks from breakfast to tea (No I’m not being paid to promote his books, I genuinely find them helpful).

I am still planning my meals in advance and where possible batch cooking, so I can freeze portions and have them for my lunch or tea when I know I have a busy day.

Week 3

Activities this week

Monday Soma Yoga Fitness

Tuesday Shred (Biggest Looser Session) – High Intensity/Endurance based session

3 minutes Strength

2 minutes Cardio

1 minute Abs.

Thursday Box & Bells (Biggest Looser Session)

Box & Bells is one of my all time favourite sessions , I love putting on the boxing gloves and allowing myself to release all my stress and frustrations out, this is a great session for me mentally as much as it is physically. This is a great upper body and core workout mixing in boxing with kettlebell exercises so you are constantly working.

On my meal plan this week included the following


Breakfast – Pouched Eggs and Avocado on a Ryevita

Lunch – Prawn and Lentil Curry. (This was a meal I cooked on week 1 and portioned up to freeze)

Tea – Meatballs with Feta (see image for this recipe)

Pouched Eggs and Avocado on a Ryevita

Prawn and Lentil Curry

Meatballs and Feta

Meatball Recipe


Breakfast – Porridge and warmed blueberries (I quickly microwave the blueberries for a few seconds so they go jammy – Delicious!)

Lunch – Green Masala Chicken Curry. (This was a meal I cooked on week 2 and portioned up to freeze)

Tea – Smoked Salmon, Minted Vegetables and Sweet Potato Chips. (Fish Friday)

Porridge and Warmed Blueberries

Green Masala Chicken Curry

Smoked Salmon, Minted Vegetables and Sweet Potato Chips

Recipe for Smoked Salmon

Cook the salmon in an oven bag (see instruction on bag)

Slice half a Leek and half a Courgette along with 50g Peas Sautéed in a pan with butter, once softened add a teaspoon of Mint Sauce at the end.

Chips – Oven cooked with 1 cal spray and seasoned.

I like to add some chilli flakes to the Salmon at the end of cooking.


Week 4

Activities this week

Tuesday Super Spin -Mix session on spinning bikes and abs workout; I decided to join in with this session instead of the Biggest Looser session as I felt I would get more out of this personally today.

Wednesday Soma Yoga Fitness

Thursday Spin & Abs (Biggest Looser session)

Friday Melt – Hardcore circuit class – 15 different stations with a different exercise at each, this session is a full body workout.

On my meal plan this week included the following


Breakfast – Melon, Kiwi and Banana with Natural Yoghurt

Lunch – Ham and Feta Salad

Tea –  Pork Chilli and Rice

Melon, Kiwi, Banana and Natural Yoghurt

Ham and Feta Salad

Pork Chilli and Rice


Breakfast – Branflakes, Blackberries, Blueberries, Yoghurt and Flax Seed

Lunch – Tuna Jacket Potato and mixed salad

Tea – Smoked Haddock and Sweet Potato Wedges with Sautéed courgette, broccoli, Onion and Chilli. (Fish Friday)

Branflakes, Blackberries, Blueburries, Yoghurt and Flax Seed

Tuna Jacket Potato and mixed salad

Smoked Haddock and Sweet Potato Wedges with Sauteed Vegetables

Smoked Haddock Recipe

Cook the Haddock in oven bag – see bag for instructions.

Fry onion, courgette, broccoli, red chilli (remove seeds if you don’t like it hot) and a clove of garlic crushed. Add half a table spoon of water and put the lid on the pan to allow the steam to finishing the vegetables.

If you are looking for a sauce to go with the haddock try greek yoghurt on the side.


Mushroom Sauce – sautéed mushrooms and peppers with a table spoon of sour cream add just before taking them off the heat.


At the end of week 4 I am feeling a lot better in myself and feel my fitness levels have returned; I feel I am ready to start pushing myself a little bit harder in each session. My skin is looking brighter from all the water (and my body has adapted to the extra water so less trips to the toilet finally!) and variety of foods, which means I’m getting my vitamins and minerals.

It’s all about trying new recipes/foods, I sometimes find I like the main dish out of one recipe and the side from another and then I combine them to make another amazing tasty meal. I love having lots of colour on my plate, as the saying goes we should eat the rainbow!

Links for websites you might find helpful.

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