Sam’s Journey to a Healthier and Happier 2018 – Week 1 & 2.

Hi I’m Sam a director at Stuart’s Foods, I try to stay active and I’m conscious of what I eat as I am aware of how it personally affects me physically and mentally when I don’t look after myself.

After a very busy 6 months with work and moving into a new home with my boyfriend I have gained a few extra pounds and I am not feeling as fulfilled as I had hoped. Reflecting back I know I have neglected my diet and exercise over the time, so I’ve made a New Year’s goal to start looking after myself again. I have ditched the beige, convenience foods that had crept back in and signed up at my gym for an 8 week Biggest Loser course to help keep me focused and get my endorphins moving during the dreary winter months.

 I love exercise; in particular weight training and I had missed it over the last few months, so I will be slotting in extra session per week.

 Prior to the start of the Biggest Loser course I got weighed and measured so I have a starting point and I am able to track my progress. The measurements are the most important part of the pre assessment as the aim of the programme is to reduce fat and increase muscle content. Muscle is heavier and leaner then fat so you could technically put on weight but loose centimetres depending on how much body fat you have. The programme is supported by a team at the gym and you are assigned a mentor to your group, I find this very helpful having the support of people who are on the same journey as me. We are encouraged to do meal plans each week, this helps us stay focused and know what we are eating and when which helps prevent skipping meals and snacking on the unhealthier temptations!

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Week 1

Activities this week

Monday 5km Run

Tuesday Body Attack (Biggest Looser Session)

Wednesday Personal Training (PT) Session

Thursday Functional Fitness (Biggest Looser Session)

My favourite session this week was Thursday; it was a HIIT session on the spinning bikes mixed in with some weigh exercises. I also enjoyed my PT session as it is a one-to-one session.

On my meal plan this week included the following


Breakfast – Mango and passion fruit smoothie – I really enjoyed this was refreshing and gave me a great boost to start the day!

Lunch – Ham Salad – quick easy and tasty, I added egg to my salad to give me extra protein ahead of my training session tonight.

Tea – Popeye Chicken – I love this it’s quick and easy to make when I have been at work all day and then to the gym and it is VERY tasty!


Breakfast – Fats me up smoothie

Lunch – Turkish Eggs – this is the 1st time I have made this recipe and I really enjoyed it I will be making them again.

Tea – Speedy Beef Stroganoff – Again this was quick and very tasty, perfect after a busy Saturday.

I did have a ‘cheat day’ this week when I had a Pizza (although I suffered with indigestion afterwards), it is important to allow yourself a treat as everything needs to be in balance and if you cut everything out straight away you and your body will just crave them.

At the end of week 1 I am feeling tired (but a good tired rather then an exhausted), I am sleeping much better and my new bed which I have struggled to find comfy has never been better. I also feel much better mentally; clearer in my thought processes.

Week 2

Activities this week

Monday Soma Yoga Fitness

Tuesday Legs, Abs and Bums (Biggest Looser Session)

Thursday Team challenge – Triathlon (Biggest Looser Session) – 17.2km on spinning bike and 1km treadmill to cool down.

Sunday – Decorating all day

This week I have been feeling a little run down and full of cold, this is partly to do with detox, but I know it will pass in a couple of days and I need to keep drinking plenty of water to flush it out of my system. I really enjoyed the Soma Yoga this week, it’s the 1st time I have attend this class and I will be trying to make it a regular part of my week.

On my meal plan this week included the following


Breakfast – Chunky Monkey Smoothie – I always enjoy this smoothie it’s a great way to get your chocolate fix.

Lunch – Frittata with cherry toms and avocado

Tea – Beef and Butternut coconut stew – This is the 1st time I have cooked this and I really enjoyed it, it reminded me of a meal I had on holiday in Sir Lanka a few years ago.


Breakfast – Overnight Oats

Lunch – Italian Stew – this was very tasty full of fennel which gave it a great flavour.

Tea – Spaghetti Bolognese


At the end of week 2 I am drinking more water and eating healthier foods; I am feeling less bloated.

Many of my meal inspirations and recipes come from Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books, I really enjoy these recipes are they are easy to follow, quick for my busy life and most of all taste amazing!

I will be post my next update soon! 🙂



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