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Back British Farming Day – 13th September 2017

Today is back british farming day, here at Stuart’s Foods we love to buy local and support our local farmers and growers. We belive if you can’t buy it local buy it british, unfortunately this is always as easy as it sound because we still have to be competive on price, but we try our hardest. We belive it is important to support local economy and industry and to supoort other local businesses.

Farmers are a key part of our food chain, every item of food no matter how many processes it goes through to get to the end product somehwhere at the begin a farmer will have grown it or nurtured it before harvesting or sending it to be slaughtered. Farmers work long hours (especially at this time of the year) to supplier us with delicious produce, and we want to continue to support them in all their hard work feeding Britain!


An example of a few local farmers and growers we use.

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