National Vegetarian Week 15th May – 21st May

Vegetarian food does not have to be plain, boring and monotonous. These days a Nut Roast or Vegetable Lasagne does not have to be the only choices for the growing Vegetarian population, health experts recommend having at least one day a week which is Meat free, leading to a trend called #MeatfreeMonday. Would you give it a go? Do you actively have a meat free day already?

Here is a couple of great recipes to start the week.

My mouth is watering thinking about this 1st one, eggs are a great source of protein instead of meat, add in the sweet potato to get one of your ten a day and a little blue cheese for flavour…Yummy! Why not serve with a little slide salad or some peas and salad potatoes.

Or how about a Chilli? Replace your meat with beans and pulses to still give you plenty of protein. Simple trick to change a meat meal to a meat free meal and just as tasty.

And if you are still looking for more inspiring recipes head over to the National Vegetarian website!


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