Bad Weather Effecting Prices

In the last couple months, Spain has been hit hard by bad weather especially in the growing region of Marcia in the South East. 1st the area was hit with heavy rain causing flooding to many of the fields and more recently they experienced snow for the 1st time in over 100 years. One grower has lost around 5 million heads of lettuce due to the adverse weather conditions.

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Produce effected

Lettuce – all whole headed e.g. Iceberg, Little Gem and Cos.






Capsicums (Peppers)

In most of the cases the price have doubled if not more, due to demand and having to look further a field to source produce.

Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco who normally supply at the same time as Spain have also suffered from extreme weather conditions affecting their crops, meaning they can not help with the shortage of produce and anything worth buying is at a premium price.

At the moment it has not hit the price of fruit, but the experts are warning it may happen in the next few weeks, effecting prices on Oranges, Lemons and possibly Melons.

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